"You know, people can conquer miles or any sort of obstacle if it's meant to be."


Happy baby watching the premiere episode of #hartofdixie season 4!

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Hart of Dixie meme (by me and rachelbilsonn)

  • one season
  • favorite episode(s)
  • favorite outfit(s)
  • colors
  • otp
  • brotp(s) 
  • favorite place(s)
  • free choice

Note: What you decide to do with this meme, it’s completely your choice. If you can’t pick, for example, just one episode, it’s completely okay for you to do as many as you’d like. The same goes for the rest of the topics. You can also do this as a daily challenge, or do it whenever you feel like it. 

Don’t forget to tag your works #hodmeme, so everyone can check it out! 

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hart of dixie meme: favourite outfits - wade’s pirate costume

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I’m kind of having these feelings all of a sudden like…. I don’t really want a zade baby anymore. Like… I don’t want this baby to cockblock zade and ruin the way that they are and take away potential scenes that they would have if Rachel weren’t pregnant like I just don’t want their storyline to revolve around this baby and I’m just emotional right now akldlsdjaslk

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Oh Baby…

| Scene 1 |

Zoe walked into Lavon’s kitchen looking exhausted and slightly unkempt.

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Happy Birthday, Rachel Bilson (August 25th, 2014)  ♥

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↳ Zoe & Wade - 2x12 Islands in the Stream

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