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The headline from this event perhaps more than anything, though, was the revelation that “[executive producer] Leila Gerstein is planning to have a pregnancy eventually happen to the character of Zoe Hart.” This means that unlike Jaime King, Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy could actually be written into the show. In this instance, we understand it. Seeing Zoe try to raise a kid could be a source of great comedy, especially if this kid is with Wade. Also, this is not a story that has been overplayed on the show, and there would still be enough going on around them that the whole “kid story” would not overly dominate the show. You still have George, Lemon, Lavon, and AnnaBeth to think about as other characters in the mix.

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Hart of Dixie *MAJOR SPOILERS*


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh we might get a fifth season! Maybe! 

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Hart of Dixie Season 4 UPDATE!

As predicted, it has been confirmed that Hart of Dixie season 4 will only have 10 episodes. Although, it is not necessarily the final season. The air date is still to be determined. [x]

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Hi! I sorry to bother you, but which font did you use on the last gifset you made? Thank you!

You’re not bothering me! It’s called Orator Std :)

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find my way back | zoe&wade [+3x22] [edited by me: fragilelittleheart]

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zoe & wade season 3 episode 22

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