zoe & wade | i will love you better now

Anonymous asked: "I think that rain kiss will be Wade and Vivian's last kiss and they will be breaking up right before or right after. It's a goodbye kiss. Wade kissing women on his porch while it's raining never had a happy ending it's not gonna start with Vivian. Besides, Wade is still angry at Zoe in the episode after that rain kiss so I don't think his relationship will still be existing if he's mad enough for their fight to last for days. Do you think it could be a goodbye kiss?"

I actually don’t think it will be a goodbye kiss. It just looks way too passionate and if you watch it closely, they look really into it. I mean who would like makeout like that to say goodbye after breaking up? lol. I don’t think they’re going to breakup next episode. The writers said a while ago that Vivian was “still around” when they were filming 3x19 and just the way they said it like that makes it seem like she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re together up until the finale. 

Anonymous asked: "are you more optimistic about zade being endgame now? because i know you werent after the episode last night lol :P"

Hahaha yeah I was fine until I saw the promo for next week. I don’t know, the glimpse of that rain kiss just really set me off. I was probably a bit over-dramatic but it was just like a combination of everything this season that has pissed me off and then getting no zade scenes in the episode and then seeing that on top of everything I just had the biggest urge to shove my foot up Leila Gerstein’s ass. But yeah I mean, I’ll always have hope for my otp. :)

Anonymous asked: "What job offer did Wade get? Also I think something weird is happening with Vivian and her ex husband. Do you think that maybe the writers will have Vivian cheat on Wade so he can fully understand what he did to Zoe?"

I’m not sure, we just know that he gets some sort of job offer. & I don’t know! I mean I don’t want him to be cheated on, haha…but I can understand that it would teach him a lesson. Although, I think he has already learned from his mistakes and matured a lot. I don’t really think he deserves anything else thrown at him. But maybe! I would just rather him and Vivian be going strong up until the point when Zoe tells Wade that she’s still in love with him so that he chooses Zoe. In fact, for a plot twist next season they could have Wade and Zoe trying to win Vivian over again and get on her good side because I would imagine she would be upset with both of them. I have so many ideas in my head of storylines that the writers could do when the put zade back together. Sighs…

Anonymous asked: "Do you think lemon and George will get back together? They seem to be going in that direction. And it also seems like the writers might just end the season with wade and Zoe both single in a "hope for the future" kinda way and might not stick them back together"

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lemon and George got back together! It’s crazy though I didn’t think they would explore those two again. I like their dynamic a lot, but I also love George with Tansy still. & yeah I’m starting to wonder if we’ll have a repeat of last season’s finale and for whatever reason Zoe won’t tell Wade how she feels or if she does Wade will still leave to pursue this job offer. Ugh, I don’t know.

hart of dixie | 3.18 {back in the saddle again}
↳ lemon and zoe parallels
withallthingslove asked: "Because Zoe and Wade don't have any scenes together I have made AB and Davis my new favorite couple on this show. Even though they've only been together for an episode. But I think the show already has a better dynamic with Joel gone and now Vivian and wade are starting to have problems. The seed has been planted so hopefully the writers will continue that problem and break them up"

Yeah, I know that they won’t last it’s just that I’m beyond pissed about this rain kiss next week if you guys haven’t noticed haha. & even if Zoe and Wade do get back together this is not how I wanted all of this to go. Joel left, so Zoe’s single and ready to jump onto the next guy. And Wade and Vivian will have their own problems, it looks like. So if they both end up single due to the fact that their relationships just didn’t work out and not because they still love each other, that means they’ll end up back together because they’re both available, not because they chose each other. I want there to be some sort of choice. I want a buildup. And we’re getting nothing! I’m just so frustrated. 

wadeandzoefusebox asked: "If they really start having problems, then it better be because he couldnt tell her the L word :c That would be lovely tbh :)"

That would be great, we need that! But I’m actually starting to think he will tell her he loves her…

I’m so tempted to just write a strongly worded letter to the writers of Hart of Dixie, that’s how angry I am. I would like to know what the fuck they have been smoking this entire season. I mean a Wade and Vivian passionate RAIN KISS?! It’s just bullshit, I want to cry. I have been imaging Zoe and Wade kissing in the rain for the longest time. IT WAS ON MY BUCKET LIST! I mean what the FUCK?! Do they seriously think we want to watch Wade and Vivian makeout in the fucking RAIN? Do they seriously think we will ENJOY IT? ARE THEY THAT FUCKING STUPID? DO THEY THINK THAT WE ENJOY WATCHING OUR OTP ACTING LIKE THEY ARE OVER EACH OTHER AND MOVING ON WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS? DO THEY SERIOUSLY FUCKING THINK THAT WE WILL TOLERATE ANOTHER SEASON OF THIS BULLSHIT IF THEY DO NOT PUT ZOE AND WADE BACK TOGETHER BY THE END OF THIS SEASON? DO THEY SERIOUSLY THINK THIS SHOW IS SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT ZOE AND WADE TOGETHER? OR EVEN INTERACTING AT ALL? DO THEY?! I FUCKING WANNA KICK A WALL okay I should probably go to bed

Anonymous asked: "I agree with most of your list, but I don't think WV are more affectionate than WZ were. They were always touching the second they started dating. Holdings hands, cuddling, Wade put his arm around her shoulder a lot, he rubbed them too, and they even touched each other arms while Lavon was sitting between them. WV makes out a lot, but I think ZW acted more in love and their gestures were loving instead of just making out. I think they were more intimate emotionally and their touches showed it."

That’s true that they were more intimate. But Wade and Vivian have been making out way too much for my liking. Like 4 or 5 kiss/makeout scenes in one episode is a little too much. We were lucky to get one kiss an episode from Zoe and Wade when they were together. It’s like the writers just love throwing their pda in our faces as a reminder that our otp are no longer together!